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Linden And Mint

Mental Harmony for the Whole Day!

The delicate fragrance of flowering linden and the piquant freshness of green peppermint…Rich in vitamins and valuable essential oils, linden blossoms have long since been used in folk medicine as an analeptic and antipyretic drug.

No less popular is also mint – a plant rich in many beneficial substances, including essential oil and flavonoids.

A tasty, scent-laden tea the color of Baltic amber that combines an abundance of bright summer hues that will warm you and infuse you with energy.

Our linden and mint tea will return your mental harmony and give you a comfortable sense of safety.

A Bit of History

Many cultures have considered linden a holy plant by many cultures: it was used to treat female sterility in ancient Rome, while the ancient Slavs identified it with Lada, the Goddess of love and beauty.

Linden blossom was also applied as medicinal poultices for emollient purposes. Mint was believed by ancient Greeks to fortify the mind, and mint baths helped you concentrate your thoughts better.

Each Teabag contains: Linden Flowers and Mint Leaves.

Packaging: 22 Teabags Per Box.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place protected from light.


Price: 11.86 лв.
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