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VenoStrong VenoStrong VenoStrong

Whole world is at your feet!

The unique formula of a natural veinotonic VenoStrong is specifically created to ensure a broad-spectrum effect on the venous system and addresses all causes and manifestations of the venous insufficiency. Most powerful, efficient and state-of-the-art natural remedies against venous insufficiency have been accurately selected to go into the natural complex VenoStrong. It improves blood circulation, reduces edema and strengthens blood vessels.

Recommended as a biologically active food supplement, a source of diosmin and hesperidin that produce a boosting action on the venous system, strengthen blood vessels’ walls and reduce venous stasis.


Per one capsule 
Bitter orange fruit extract powder 125 mg
Grape marc extract 70 mg
Bitter orange peel extract 25 mg
Standardized Gotu Kola plant extract 25 mg
Papaya fruit extract 12,5 mg

Target audience to take VenoStrong:

  • Those who suffer from “bulging”, edema and heaviness in legs;
  • Those who have noticed changes in venous picture or appearing vascular spiders;
  • Those, bearing prolonged static loads (have to stand or sit for a long time on one place);
  • Those who feel discomfort in calf muscles and experience night cramps;
  • People, predetermined to the cardiovascular diseases;
  • All women, as hormonal swings provoke premature venous insufficiency;
  • Those who don’t do enough sports;
  • Overweight people;
  • Those, who wear high-heeled shoes;
  • Those who smoke or have recently given up smoking.

For a comprehensive effect it is advisable to use the complex along with the VenoStrong gel.


  • Relieves edema;
  • Mitigates symptoms of the chronic venous insufficiency;
  • Eliminates heaviness, pains and weakness in legs;
  • Prevents thrombophlebitis and varix dilatation;
  • Helps diminish varicose spiders;
  • Regenerates and fortifies blood vessels’ walls;
  • Precludes cramps.


VenoStrong addresses all causes and manifestations of the chronic venous insufficiency. It improves blood circulation, strengthens and protects the walls of veins from the inside. Not only it alleviates its symptoms, but also precludes serious complications, often invoked by the venous insufficiency.

Bitter orange fruit and peel extract are the basis of the VenoStrong veinotonic that contain ultimate bioflavonoids—diosmin and hesperidin. They relieve venous stasis, reduce capillary permeability and strengthen blood vessels. Grape marc extract, Gotu Kola and papaya extracts enhance the action of bioflavonoids, help relieve edema and pains. Your walk will regain grace and you will completely forget about edema and pains in legs and feet.

“Star-struck”: Chronic Venous Insufficiency

In the times of Hippocrates it was called the “knocking down disease”, and not without a reason, as chronic venous insufficiency is fraught with various grave complications. 

Clinical Record 
Chronic venous insufficiency is one of the most widespread ailments nowadays. Nearly 89% of women and 66% of men in developed countries suffer from it to a certain degree. 

So, what is chronic venous insufficiency? Doctors unite a wholeVenoStrong st range of diseases under this name—these are ailments that provoke protracted, and in some cases lifelong, disturbance of the venous drainage. Blood flow in veins is disturbed due to the weakening of venous valves which normally facilitate blood circulation; as well as due to blood clots in veins or insufficient physical activity. 

Heaviness and swelling in legs in the evening, vascular spiders are the very first symptoms of the chronic venous insufficiency that might trigger your concern. Later on the network of small subdermal capillaries grows to spread all over a leg, causing pains and night convulsions. Gradually subdermal veins get overfilled...

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Legs to Envy!

Feeling of heaviness and languor in legs, burning and prickling, cramps and edema—most of us have already faced these temporary, as they would seem, troubles. However, these might not only be the consequences of temporary fatigue, but also first signs of chronic venous insufficiency.

We rarely pay attention to such ailments, but once they become repeated, it is high time to consider this matter carefully. Our lifestyle itself already stipulates the problem. Sedentary life, or vice versa, running around all the time, lack of physical activity or excessive weight, uncomfortable footwear, traumatized legs, frequent flights—these may further on provoke venous insufficiency.

Clinical record

stat vs noThe term “chronic venous insufficiency” combines several diseases, varicosity and thrombophlebitis being but a couple of example diagnoses, related to pains in legs. According to the average medical statistics, such ailments are inherent in every 2nd person in our country. Unfortunately, very few people seek medical help in such cases, and in the meantime the disease progresses. Lately this disease has become so widespread, that many specialists entitled it a “disease of the civilization”. 

Venous insufficiency is caused by the dysfunction of venous valves. Venous tone is thus weakened, pressure on the vessels’ walls grows, which subsequently causes their dilation. In most cases chronic venous insufficiency is characteristic of women, however more and more often it affects men as well. Group of risk includes overweight people, as well as tall people and those...

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Directions for use: For adults - 1 capsule twice per day during meals.

Precautions: This food supplement is not nutritionally appropriate in cases of the individual intolerance to the ingredients.

Packaging: 30 capsules.

Storage conditions: Keep at room temperature (not exceeding 250C) in a dry place, protected from light, out of reach of children.

Shelflife: See bottom.

Biologically active food supplements are not intended to substitute for the varied and balanced diet and healthy life-style. Please consult your physician prior to the use.

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