D i Guard nano

D i Guard nano Vision D i Guard nano Vision D i Guard nano Vision D i Guard nano

Di Guard Nano is Vision's answer to heavy metal pollution and potential radiation poisoning risks to the human body in today's heavily industrialized society.

The contents have been selected for it's body cleansing capabilities and health benefits, again using Bio-active extracts, and packaged in state-of-the-art laboratories.

Because of the potentially devastating long term affects of radiation and heavy metal poisoning, the human body can be "aged" prematurely and the quality of life can be greatly impacted - most noticeably as the person progresses in age.

This product has been made available so that that the long term affects can be mitigated. Taking one pill a day won't give the user an immediate visible benefit of radiation or heavy metal elimination, but will make a difference as the person grows older.

However, more immediate benefits should occur to those who partake alcoholic beverages, as it helps overcome "hangover syndrome". Of course, this is not give a person an excuse to drink as it would negate the positive benefits of using this product - and accidents (as well as other problems) do tend to be more common to people who are intoxicated.


Each capsule contains: 
Prickly pear powder (Opuntia ficus indica) 100 mg
Chlorella powder (Chlorella vulgaris) 50 mg
Vitamin C 30 mg
Vitamin B6 1.4 mg
Vitamin B1 1.1 mg
Folic acid 200 μg
DL-methionine 20 mg
Alfa - lipoic acid 20 mg
Magnesium 50 mg


D i Guard nano ingredients:

  • Help to protect against radiation.
  • Help in eliminating toxins and heavy metals from your organism.
  • Encourage immune system activity.
  • Favorably affect digestion processes.
  • Help in enhancing liver and gallbladder action.
  • Provide active regenerating effect.
  • Help in overcoming hangover.

No right to live


Radiation Threatens with Infertility

live 1Your child has grown up and more and more often he talks about a baby brother or a baby sister? 

And you do not mind yourself to become parents one more time? 

Or maybe you are looking forward to taking care of your grandchildren? 

Unfortunately, the time has to come to consider if these desires can become reality. 

Recent accident on a nuclear power plant in Japan means adjustments to the demographic situation in the world. 

Blossom of life

When the nuclear accident just happened at the Chernobyl power plant, no one could...

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Beware of radiation!

People of the entire world, living in the same "global village" are at risk of becoming radioactive "sworn brothers and sisters". Until recently the Slavs and the Japanese had probably only one sad comparison in common: the total radioactive discharge of Chernobyl equaled 500 bombs dropped on Hiroshima. Now, however unfortunately, we have "become related" seriously and forever. 

The atom knows no state borders and makes no distinctions as for nationalities. stat rad2
The atmosphere and oceans, just like the human blood-vascular system, instantly spread radioactive pollution all over the world. But while the perennial problem for the 1/6 of the global land mass has always been expressed in fools and roads, the recent events convincingly show that no technological advances, no abundance of latest equipment, no multi-level controls and no multi-stage monitoring can help in avoiding increasingly frequent natural calamities aggravated by man-made disasters. 

In the era of the power engineering explosive development people have imagined themselves to be the "higher reason".If a two-year-old child, instead of play blocks, breaks a computer, the loss will be minor on the planetary scale. But the humans in general, having mastered the basics of the nuclear energy, got a toy clearly "too adult" for...

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Green protection

Green Protection


All of us are to some extant vulnerable to the effects of electromagnetic waves and increased background radiation. Those enemies act invisibly and undermine our health eating the organism from within. Doctors and researchers the world over are concerned with fighting them. 

Despite the modern science progress we constantly go back to nature for solutions of most difficult problems. Green rescuers – chlorella and prickly pear, modest plants of no distinction at first sight, will help in fighting the global radiation problem.



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Putting out

Putting Out


Our organism is a self-regulating system. It removes all harmful or useless metabolism products. But an improper way of life and unfavorable environmental impacts "break down" those filters and then harmful substances begin destroying our precious health. 

Polluted air and water, food larded with chemicals – all this leads to toxic substances accumulating in our organism like in a garbage dump. The picture is made complete by bad habits such as smoking and excessive drinking.


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To each one living



Let us talk about radiation that cannot be avoided but against which it is still possible to protect yourself, if there is a will. It is delivered to us from the Cosmos, from the Sun, by minerals in the ground, by radon gas and by humans accumulating in themselves potassium-40 and rubidium-87 from food, air and water. 

More and more cases are recorded of dacha or country house owners coming to hospitals with complaints about weakness or indisposition the cause of which is proved to be radon. 

stat radon2According to WHO, «radon is a chemically inert natural radioactive gas without any smell, color or taste. ...


Uranium and plutonium pawnshop



The humanity has "pawned" itself to that outfit forever, if you remember the half-life of those substances. They form the basis for nuclear power stations' operations, for weapons and for the nuclear waste resulting. The practice shows that no single development in mastering the atom is fully controllable, predictable and safe. 

stat dign uran1Waste is formed at all stages of producing and using radioactive elements. In mining and enriching millions of tons are processed of the radioactive rock not to be disposed of. In producing the nuclear fuel liquid and gaseous incidental waste occurs. In recycling (regenerating) the nuclear materials waste is just dumped into...

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Radiation Effects Are Irreversible


Do you live far away from Chernobyl and believe that radiation will never affect you? Unfortunately, this is not quite correct. Radiation effects are present everywhere. The main thing is to know how the exposure acts and what can be done for protection against those pervasive "X-rays". 

You have a family, a good job and a summer country house with a small plot of land. Caring about your health, you spend every summer at your dacha where the air is cleaner and the vegetables and fruits come from your own patch. Seemingly, what does radiation have to do with you and how can it affect you? As it turns out, in a...

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Radiation suicide



A special place among "man-made" radiation exposure sources is taken by building materials, garbage dumps, TV-sets, burning fuels, medical procedures and equipment, smoke detectors and items with dials, hands and figures glowing in the dark. All of them in their total exacerbate the radiation troubles causing the irrepairable damage to the environment and human health. Many a little makes life shorter. 

stat dign suicid1Mining and enriching works, mines, quarries, ore pits produce hundreds of millions of tons of by-products – enrichment waste, slag, associated rock. It is unprofitable to enrich them any further and impossible to dispose of. As a result, dozens of thousands of hectares of the land surface have been "murdered" for ever and they continue to slowly murder everything...

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Indispensable killers

Indispensable Killers

Indispensable Killers


Yes, really, where would we be without them? Power lines, cables, transformers, generators, house power supply, household appliances and office equipment, computers, radio- and mobile phones, radars, TV towers, railroads – it is hard to imagine our lives today without all that. However, it always cuts at least both ways, so it is necessary to realize that the technical progress has its negative side, especially when some process is environmentally unfriendly and hazardous to health. For instance, the creature comforts listed above are the sources of nonionizing radiation that includes microwave, electromagnetic, light and radiofrequency emissions. 

stat dign nubi1Various studies assert that such radiation is capable of causing, among other things, fatigue, headaches, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, brain tumors, cancer problems (especially, leukemia in children.) 

Radiation destroys...

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The dangers of radiation

The Dangers of Radiation

The Dangers of Radiation 
Radiation Exposure Threatens with Grave Illnesses


Which vitally important part of your body is most vulnerable to the effects of radiation? The answer to this question depends on whether you are a man or a woman. Men, the stronger sex, risk loosing their potency as a result of the adenoma of the prostate gland, while the most vulnerable part of the woman’s body is its symbol of motherhood—breasts. These distinctive parts are most likely to fall victims to cancer cells proliferating as a result of the radiation exposure. 

How much do we really know about radiation? Actually much less than we should. We imagine radiation as something imperceptible, unpredictable and highly dangerous but safely far away from us. A particle invisible to the...

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PACKAGE: 30 capsules.

USAGE: One capsule a day for adults.

STORAGE CONDITIONS: Store at room temperature (not exceeding 25ºС) in a dry place, keep away from children.

Price: 98.24 лв.
plus shipping

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