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The Company’s cosmetic products represent a fortunate alliance of science and Mother Nature: 100% natural active ingredients and latest achievements in biotechnology - one of the most promising branches in modern science - are used to make them. Vision cosmetics embody all the excellence of the company's innovative approach: 

  • they abound in natural components distinguished by high activity and effectiveness;
  • they have an inimitable bouquet of delightful fragrances;
  • they have been scientifically tested; and
  • they possess proven and observable effectiveness upon application.
Millenium neo gel
Millenium neo gel

Face skin care gel. Properties: Moisturises your skin promoting its renewal and revitalization. It also helps to improve skin elasticity and to protect from environmental stress giving you a sensation of fresh and healthy skin.

Composition: Hydrolyzed Wheat protein - Aloe barbadensis extract - Panax ginseng extract - Equisetum arvense extract - Camellia sinensis extract - Centella asiatica extract - Ginkgo biloba extract - Sodium hyaluronate - Vitamin E (Tocopheryl acetate).
Directions for use: Apply a small amount on a cleansed face in the evening before going to bed


This unique gel helps you to get prepared for physical activity and to relax afterwards. It is a truly powerful product, thanks to 30% of Devil’s Claw extract traditionally used by people all over the world to improve motion functions.


  • Extract of Devil's Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens) 
  • Groundnut vegetable oil 
  • Warming agents: capsicum frutescens / methyl nicotinate 

VenoStrong Gel
VenoStrong Gel

A unique formula of VenoStrong gel has been specifically created for external use. It is efficient at any stage of chronic venous insufficiency and addresses all its manifestations and causes.VenoStrong gel produces a unique curative, cooling and tending action. It alleviates pain and heaviness in legs and promotes the feeling of lightness and comfort. It improves elasticity of vascular walls, activates blood outflow, and boosts microcirculation, which gradually reduces the venous stasis.