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Fareva Group, particularly its Interspray division, is one of the largest producers of cosmetic products with a turnover of Euro 250M. Fareva cooperates with the most renowned producers of cosmetic products, including Chanel, Lancôme, Cartier, Dior, Yves St. Laurent, Hugo Boss, Azzarro, Bulgari, and many others. In cooperation with the Vision International People Group Company Fareva produces an exclusive line of cosmetic products - Millenium Alliance.

Jean-Luc Rouvier, Vice President, Fareva Group:

"We are excited to have joined forces with the Vision International People Group Company, our new international partner which has developed the Millenium Alliance line. Very demanding but yet very competent a partner. We introduced the Millenium Alliance line at the Beyond Beauty - 2006 show in Paris where it was highly rated by professionals and visitors. We are keen to further develop for Vision a line of products in vials with airless pumps, to try and develop an even more impressive packaging drawing on the cutting edge achievements in the cosmetic filed, and we are already creating, jointly with our partners, a de luxe design for the Millenium Alliance line. Fareva is grateful to Vision for the trust the company puts in us. I’m confidently looking forward to seeing our cooperation growing even stronger and gaining momentum into the future!"

Vision products are manufactured in strict conformity with GMP international standards. They are officially certified and registered in all the countries where the Company has its operations.